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What We Inspect

Our program has been designed to assure you a thorough, easy to understand overview of the conditions of the home you are about to purchase. Buying a home is not something you do every day and we provide the information you need for peace of mind.


  • We assure the inspection of and report on, over 400 items
  • We deliver a detailed report to you before we leave the house
  • We point out major and minor deficiencies to give you the complete picture on your new home’s condition
  • We identify any major expenditures coming up so you can budget these potential expenses
  • We identify any potential safety hazards present
  • We show you how various systems work
  • We review and explain the conditions found

The Inspection Process?

Corliss Home Inspection adheres to the strict standard operating procedures (SOP) of Texas Real Estate Commission.  We complete a thorough visual inspection of the property.  We confirm that each item inspected performs as they are intended. These items include the following:

  • Structural Systems
    • Foundation
    • Grading and Drainage
    • Roof covering materials
    • Roof Structure and Attics
    • Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors, and Doors
    • Exterior Walls, Doors and Windows
    • Stairways
    • Fireplace and Chimney
    • Porches, Balconies, Decks, and Carport
  • Electrical Systems
    • Service entrance
    • Branch circuits and Fixtures
  • HVAC Systems
    • Heating equipment
    • Cooling equipment
    • Evaporative coolers
    • Ducts, Chases, and Vents
  • Plumbing Systems
    • Plumbing Supply, Distribution and Fixture
    • Drains, Wastes and Vents
    • Water Heating Equipment
  •  Appliances
    • Dishwasher
    • Food waste disposers
    • Exhaust vents
    • Ranges, Cooktops, and Ovens
    • Microwave Oven
    • Exhaust vents, and Bathroom heaters
    • Garage door openers
    • Dryer vents
About Us

We have been trusted by home buyers to help them make informed buying decisions. Serving Tarrant, Johnson, Ellis, Hood, and Dallas County.

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